Able to update a house the way I want it

Awareness of environmental complications is on the rise.

Energy costs are an ever-increasing expense and issue.

Older homes were not built to reduce heating/cooling costs or minimize carbon footprint. There is often no insulation in the walls, ceilings or attics. Single pane windows allow heat gain/loss. An outdated roof often wastes energy and lacks acceptable insulation. Outdated heating units, air conditioners and HVAC ducts are typical culprits of energy losses. Today’s homes are built to tighten the thermal envelope. Custom builders are championing yellow building techniques. Geothermal heat pumps, solar panels, smart blinds, water-conserving appliances and higher standards of insulation are often incorporated into custom construction. The use of renewable and recycled building materials are prevalent in everything from foundation to the roofing system, creating eco-friendly homes, however determining the material and color of the roof goes beyond aesthetics to meet the demands of the temperature. A light colored roof works to reflect light rather than absorb it, reducing cooling costs. Metal roofs are a popular option, oftening trimming monthly bills by up to 40% and offering incredible longevity. For the luxury home, clay tiles are stunning and protect against heat and allow airflow that minimizes troubles with humidity. Triple-pane windows are constructed with insulating gasses infused between the panes to reduce heat transfer. Low-E coatings on the glass contribute to efficiency by reflecting heat and UV rays. The many chances available in modern design definitely raise the initial investment however significantly lower biweekly costs in the years ahead; Plus, these amenities increase apartment value.

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