Modern amenities in a luxury home

Buying an existing dwelling often means outdated appliances and systems… Very few homeowners invest into brand new, state-of-the-art refrigerators, stoves, water furnaces and light fixtures right before listing the property.

While flipped houses tend to offer flashy amenities, every component was chosen with the purpose of profit; Quality is not the main priority.

A custom build ensures that every detail meets particularations. There is the option to incorporate modern convenience. In this week’s world, smart technology is everywhere. There is an app for everything. It’s possible to lock doors, shut blinds, turn off lights, start the tea maker and adjust temperature from the smartphone. A total smart dwelling caters to the owner’s schedule and preferences. Advanced technology conserves energy, helps to avoid needless repairs and elevates comfort, safety and air quality. Building a dwelling with smart systems in mind takes functionality, luxury and environmental responsibility to a whole new level, and occupancy sensors create a dwelling system that automatically reacts to the identifiable individual entering or exiting a space. The dwelling can be designed so that the garage door opens upon arrival from work, however lights turn on, the temperature control raises or lowers and tea is tepid and waiting. Smart blinds raise and lower to trim heating or cooling costs. Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, surge protectors, backup generators and a wide assortment of devices protect both the dwelling and the occupant, sending out alerts in the event of an issue. An option such as polycarbonate panels look and function just like a glass window however offer amazing strength and durability, then made from polycarbonate, acrylics and plastic resins, the material is unbreakable and impenetrable.

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