Old roof makes conventional home sale difficult

A job offer on the West coast had me looking to sell my home in Jacksonville, Florida.

I hoped to handle the sale as quickly and smoothly as possible.

I needed to pack up, relocate and get settled into a new city. A big concern with selling my home was the roof. Although in sound condition, the roof was nineteen years old. I considered attempting to sell the house as-is but worried this would be difficult. Prospective buyers would have a hard time qualifying for a mortgage. Finding insurance for such an old roof would be impossible. It would require me to discount the price of the home to make a new roof affordable for the buyer. I wasn’t thrilled with this strategy. Another option was to go ahead and replace the roof. I looked into re-roofing to keep the cost down. Unfortunately, there were already too many layers of shingles. The roof needed to be torn off and completely replaced. The estimate for a new roof for my home came in at approximately fifteen thousand dollars. A new roof would certainly make the property more attractive. It would pass inspection and qualify for a loan. However, finding a reliable roofer, getting on the scheduling and completing the project would be time-consuming. The job might create some damage to landscaping that would need to be repaired. I didn’t want to spend the money and didn’t have the time to deal with it. The best solution for my particular circumstances was selling the house for cash. Cash home buyers provide a no-obligation offer on the house as-is within twenty-four hours. Once I agreed to the offer, the steps of the closing happened really fast.

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