Selling house with storm damage

When my husband and I bought our home, we were delighted by the river access.

The view of the St. Johns river from our back patio was just gorgeous. Having relocated to Jacksonville, Florida, from the northeast, we were very excited to trade the gray skies, snow and cold for sunshine and palm trees. The house was definitely on the verge of what we could afford. Due to the housing market, we overpaid for the property. However, my husband and I were both making good money at the time and felt it was a sound investment. Two years later, a tornado came through the area. The house flooded. There was several feet of water standing in our living room, kitchen, dining room and the entire first floor. The water was dirty and ruined everything it touched. We were also without power, which made running the air conditioner or even a fan impossible. The storm destroyed our floors, furniture and HVAC system. It led to considerable mold growth and a terrible musty smell. Plus, branches and other debris caused damage to the roof. We had water coming in through the ceilings and broken windows. Because of it being a natural disaster, we had difficulties with collecting insurance. At that same time, I lost my job and my husband sustained an injury. We were faced with considerable medical bills. We needed to get out from under the expense, aggravation and disaster of that house before it bankrupted us. Listing the house with it requiring so many repairs would have severely reduced the asking price. We certainly couldn’t afford to make the necessary repairs. Our solution was to contact a Jacksonville cash home buyer. We found a family-owned business with a solid reputation. Once I’d submitted the online form, we received an offer that same day. We closed on the house less than two weeks later.
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