The driveway was easier to form with rebar and forming wire

I planned to redo my own driveway without the help of an expert.

I contacted a couple of people to get an estimate for the cost of having a concrete company build the driveway.

I also called a landscaping company and an assault company. I got lots of different estimates and they were all very high. I thought for sure that I could do the job on my own. I didn’t bother to watch videos online. I rented a jackhammer and I started tearing up the other driveway. I didn’t know the first thing about laying down rebar and concrete. I thought it was going to be a simple project, but I quickly began to realize that I was way in over my head. I had to contact one of the contractors to get them to finish the job. Believe me, they still charged me the same amount of money even though I already did some of the hard work. The company laid down rebar and rebar wire to create a grid pattern on the bottom of the driveway. The rebar and rebar tie wire made it much easier to pour the concrete into a rectangular pattern. I was not prepared to do all of that work on the driveway. After seeing the pieces of rebar and tie wire, I quickly knew that I was in over my head. I would not have completed their driveway properly if I had done things my way instead of using a professional building contractor. I even got a six month guarantee on the concrete and frame work.
18 gauge wire ties