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  • The new belt holds a spool of rebar tie wire

    My mom is a really nice lady. She has always done nice things for me throughout my whole life. When I told my mom that I wanted to be an ironworker, she was worried about my safety. She practically did everything possible to talk me out of the career. I saw myself building Bridges and […]

  • I lost an entire roll of double loop wire ties somewhere

    I ordered supplies for a job and they all arrived on monday. I had about $3,000 worth of supplies for an upcoming job. The supplies included nearly 800 pieces of 48-in number for rebar, rebar tie wire, rebar tent stakes, and rebar double loop wire ties. The double loop wire ties come in lots of […]

  • The driveway was easier to form with rebar and forming wire

    I planned to redo my own driveway without the help of an expert. I contacted a couple of people to get an estimate for the cost of having a concrete company build the driveway. I also called a landscaping company and an assault company. I got lots of different estimates and they were all very […]

  • I had to leave work when my wife went into labor

    My wife plus I have been trying to have a baby for the last 4 years. Both of us were drastically ecstatic when both of us found out that she was pregnant. I have been uneasy while in the whole pregnancy, but so far things have gone actually well. I knew that both of us […]