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  • These pallets are so handy

    Pallet racks are innovative storage solutions designed for warehouses, distribution centers, factories as well as any facility striving to effectively manage the housing of a immense supply of products, and there are a wide variety of racking systems to choose from, such as drive-in units, pallet flow solutions as well as structural steel selective pallet […]

  • A tree fell on our house

    High winds are often an issue in Jacksonville, Florida. Along with power outages, we experience torrential downpours and lots of falling branches. After a heavy windstorm, it’s not unusual to find a great deal of debris scattered across the lawn. About eight months ago, during a particular violent storm, a large tree fell on our […]

  • Cash house customers are a viable alternative

    The evolving real estate market in Jacksonville, FL, is inspiring more people to sell their homes hastily. While some homeowners are looking to update their living situation, there are those properties that aren’t ready for listing. Periodically, getting out from under a home as stress-free as well as simply as possible is the priority. A […]

  • Selling my inherited Portland home with family issues

    My dad fathered a lot of children with all different women. There is a whole crew of us and nobody is really close. It was a real shock when I was the one that got my father’s house when he died. I moved away from Portland, OR and never looked back. Suddenly I had a […]