I wondered if they made electric wire fencing out of stainless wire ties.

After discussing how we were going to handle the rabbits and groundhogs that were destroying our garden, my husband made the comment that we still hadn’t made any plans for the deer.

When I looked out the window yesterday morning, I noticed it wasn’t only deer that we are having problems with.

A bear had gotten into the back of our chicken coop, and destroyed it. I saw the mama bear and her two cubs trying to upset our trashcan. I told my husband what I saw, and he rushed down to check on our chickens. The egg box was completely ripped apart, and all of our baby checks were gone. The only thing left was a rooster with a broken leg, one with its tail feathers torn off, and two chickens that were too afraid to even come out of the quarter chicken coop. Out of 15 chickens and roosters in total, we had only four left. I knew my husband had had enough, he grabbed the car keys and told me to get in the truck. We were looking for electric fencing. We found some electric fencing that looked like stainless wire ties, and bought the solar generator to electrify the fence. I got a feeling that it’s going to take us the entire week to get all of this electric fencing up around the gardens, and around the chicken coop. I know it’s too late for our 12 baby chicks, but maybe we’ll keep the rest of the chickens from being traumatized, and keep some flowers and vegetables from being destroyed.

Tie wire coils