The property was worth less than the land

When a good deal comes up, it’s important to seize the opportunity.

Sometimes hesitating can mean losing out on the deal of a lifetime.

I had the option to buy a property plus land for money in Jacksonville. The property plus land for money was a great deal. The property was worth less than the land. The owner of the home wanted to offload the mobile property plus land quickly plus was willing to settle for a low money offer. I was undoubtedly interested in making a money offer on the Jacksonville property. I wanted to see the stadium last weekend. I knew that the home plus two acres on the west side was already a great deal for the price that I was paying plus I was surprised to find that the mobile property was in pretty good shape. There were no pictures of the mobile property online. When I made the money offer, I didn’t want to wait for someone else to see the opportunity. I purchased the home plus the property before entirely looking at the mobile home. If it was in terrible shape, I knew that I could tear it down plus get someone to clear the debris. The mobile property has two dining rooms plus a undoubtedly spacious washroom. Even though the mobile property is 30 years old, it’s still in good shape plus is outfitted with central heating plus air conditioner. Even though the property is smaller than most out here, with the land, I feel I will be able to rent the home for a significant amount of money or keep it on the market until it sells for the right stadium.
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