Choose to do a money sale with my inherited home

My mother passed away last year in addition to I inherited his household in Portland, OR.

The snag is that I don’t live in Portland.

I am not even in OR. I wasn’t honestly sure what to do with that piece of real estate. My partner wanted me to rent it out even though I didn’t know that was feasible. How could I coordinate with renters in addition to replacing them when I don’t live in the same state? I talked to a few real estate agents but that just got messy. So I researched how to sell an inherited home in Portland, OR. I found that local house shoppers that are money- only are the best bet. With a money house buyer, you don’t need to do anything. You don’t need to repair, maintain, or even paint. You don’t need to hire any work out or clean the venue. It was nice when I figured out that I didn’t even need to step foot in my inherited property. I could just sell my Porltand inherited home fast for money. Anything of my mothers that I wanted I got way ahead of his death. So anything left in the household I figure was fair game. I signed over the papers once I agreed on a price in addition to never thinking about that household again. I never needed to make a trip to Portland, OR or do anything like that. It was all so straight-forward in addition to easy during this stressful time in my life. A money for house offer is the best to do for an inherited home you don’t want.

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