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  • Upgrading to a new home with the money I made from the last

    My wifey and I had been seeing the real estate market in a identifiable area for nearly more than four years before the people I was with and I found a house the people I was with and I liked and within our price range. All of us were looking for property along the riverfront. […]

  • How house flipping works

    The process of selling a cabin can be stressful and disruptive. My spouse and I were still living in the house while it was listed. All of us had a more than two-year-old daughter and a six-month old daughter at the time. Every time the real estate agent wanted to show the house, the people […]

  • I left my rebar out in the rain and found it rusted to death

    But I’m just as bad because I recently left a bunch of black steel rebar out in the rain and it rusted itself to death because it isn’t corrosion resistant like galvanized steel and stainless steel rebar It has been raining like crazy over the past few weeks. While I should be used to the […]

  • I’m impressed by all of the holiday art projects my brother does with rebar wire

    When we were young, our parents were always trying to involve my brother and I in art projects during the winter holidays. This extended to all of the major festive holidays throughout the year, but we were always partial towards the winter holidays. Sometimes we would sew stockings and make ornaments for the Christmas tree […]