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  • Selling my inherited Portland home with family issues

    My dad fathered a lot of children with all different women. There is a whole crew of us and nobody is really close. It was a real shock when I was the one that got my father’s house when he died. I moved away from Portland, OR and never looked back. Suddenly I had a […]

  • Choose to do a money sale with my inherited home

    My mother passed away last year in addition to I inherited his household in Portland, OR. The snag is that I don’t live in Portland. I am not even in OR. I wasn’t honestly sure what to do with that piece of real estate. My partner wanted me to rent it out even though I […]

  • Selling an incomplete construction house in Portland

    At the time my partner in addition to I was gung ho on making an addition to our property. My friend and I started the addition with another powder room in addition to planning on doing a kitchen in addition to a lower kitchen/household style area. My friend and I had talked to a Heating […]

  • The hoarder was my uncle

    I also sent about 20 or 30 pictures of the stadium My uncle was a hoarder. She had a property that was filled with projects. She used to buy a lot of broken down machines, because she thought she could repair them plus sell them for cats. Most of the time, the junk ended up […]