I offer good money offers for homes that have $$$ potential

My supplier has been buying plus selling real estate in the Jacksonville, FL area, for the past 10 years.

It’s up to me to come up with a good money offer for properties that have the potential to make a lot of money.

There are lots of times when troubles plus repairs are too great for a homeowner to handle. One of the largest troubles that can occur is termite harm. Not all termite harms are covered by insurance, and you have to be able to prove that the termite harm was sudden plus that can be hard to do. Termites do a lot of harm before they can be noticeable. Another reason why someone might want a money offer for their property is foreclosure. When foreclosure happens, the bank is going to come take your property plus sell it at auction. Homeowners often received more money in a money sale than they would in foreclosure status. Another problem that can occur is issues with fire or water harm. I recently purchased a home that had a great amount of fire plus water harm. The Jacksonville, FL home was located near the beaches. The owner wanted to get rid of the home fast. Insurance already paid for harms, however the order of the property did not want to use the money to repair up the property. The home was $50,000 below market when I found the listing plus I felt that my supplier could scoop it up quickly. I met with the owner of the home plus we discussed terms. A week later we presented the owner with a check plus took legal ownership of the property plus home in Jacksonville.

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