My neighbor made his house number plaque out of rebar tie wire

I love my current next door neighbor because the last two who lived in his house were either too nosey or too mean. The first was constantly trying to catch me making HOA infractions, but it never stuck. The man clearly had too much time on his hands. However, the older couple who moved in after the nosey man left were downright mean. On top of that, they would walk their dog in my front lawn and leave behind feces for me to find when I’d take my garbage cans to the curb for trash collection. That was a bridge too far for me, but it wasn’t a problem once they finally decided to move out of that house and downsize into a condominium. When my current neighbor finally moved in shortly after the older couple left, I was extremely hesitant when I met him. With two bad situations preceding him, I wondered if he would be another difficult next door neighbor. Instead, we immediately hit it off and became close friends. Even though he’s technically a car salesman, his true passion is visual art. He’s an accomplished ironworker and blacksmith, but now he basically makes various things out of black steel rebar and stainless steel rebar. In fact, he made a number plaque for his house out of black steel rebar and I was so impressed that I insisted on paying him to make one for my house. He told me that his next project is going to involve using large rods of galvanized steel rebar to make a holiday decoration to put in his yard. He’s going to attach lights to the decoration once it is complete.


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