Selling my inherited Portland home with family issues

My dad fathered a lot of children with all different women. There is a whole crew of us and nobody is really close. It was a real shock when I was the one that got my father’s house when he died. I moved away from Portland, OR and never looked back. Suddenly I had a bunch of half siblings calling me up and feeling they were owed the house. They at least wanted a portion of the profits when I sold. I had other siblings that wanted me to rent it to them. I knew if I let anyone in that house, I would never get a dime. I also knew that if I sold the house and it was listed online for how much, there would be a ton of people with their hands out. That is how I landed on a cash home offer for my Portland real estate. Selling my Oregon home for cash was the best move I could have ever made. With this I didn’t even need to go to Oregon and alert the whole family I was there. I skyped with the guy and we sent papers back and forth. I never stepped foot in my dads house or wanted anything in there. I made no repairs or did any cleaning. There was no real estate agent, requirements, or hidden fees. I just haggled a price and got the cash from the home buyer. Selling a Portland home for cash was so easy. I loved that my family had no clue either. It took them months to realize that the house belonged to someone else. By then I could claim I spent all the money.

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