The hoarder was my uncle

I also sent about 20 or 30 pictures of the stadium

My uncle was a hoarder. She had a property that was filled with projects. She used to buy a lot of broken down machines, because she thought she could repair them plus sell them for cats. Most of the time, the junk ended up in a pile on the front porch. There was barely any room to walk from the outside of the property to the inside of the property because of all of the junk plus broken machines that were piled up on the front porch. My uncle died last year plus she left the property plus the home to my mom. My Dad is almost 76 years old. She really can’t travel, so she sent me to look at the property in Jacksonville, FL. I was totally amazed plus disgusted by the shape of the house. I didn’t want to walk inside of the property at all plus there was no way that my Dad could sell the property the way that it was. All of the jokes needed to be removed plus the property needed to be cleaned from the top to the bottom. It was going to take a lot of toil to wash up the Jacksonville, FL property plus my Dad didn’t have the time or energy. While I was in Jacksonville, I contacted a supplier that buys hoarder properties for money. I spoke with the Jacksonville real estate buyer plus gave him more information about the property. I also sent about 20 or 30 pictures of the stadium. After a couple of afternoons, the Jacksonville real estate buyer called me back with a money offer on the house. My Dad decided to take the offer so she didn’t have to deal with the terrible mess.


cash for incomplete construction property