The new belt holds a spool of rebar tie wire

My mom is a really nice lady.

She has always done nice things for me throughout my whole life.

When I told my mom that I wanted to be an ironworker, she was worried about my safety. She practically did everything possible to talk me out of the career. I saw myself building Bridges and skyscrapers and my mom only saw the dangers of the job. When I got my first job working on a construction project, my mom bought me a special tool to help make the job easier. She bought me a tie wire reel. The tie wire reel makes it easy to carry the tide wire from place to place. The spool attaches to a special belt also made by the same company. The belt has a spot for the tie wire reel. The real fits a number of different sizes of tie wire and it can be used for left-handed or right-handed people. It really was the perfect gift and it makes my job a lot easier. As I walk around the job site, I can easily grab pieces of tie wire from the reel. I have a nice pair of pliers that I use to cut the tie wire. They have advanced durability, strength, and functionality. My tie wire reel fits many different sizes from 12 gauge all the way up to the 18 gauge size. It is also very lightweight. I can feed a spool of tie wire easily and very quickly and it saves time and reduces a lot of wasted tie wire.

tie wire certified domestic