These can help you if you’re in a hurry

If you need to get a job done fast, then you know how it feels to be in a time crunch. That happens to me all the time and major construction projects that we do with my company. A lot of times, we fall behind schedule for some reason or another and it gets to be really stressful. Running a big construction crew can be a stressful job. One thing that I’ve learned over the years is that one of the best tricks for saving time is to use rebar wire ties for things other than tying rebar for concrete projects. Rebar wire ties are helpful for connecting all kinds of things. I use them all over the job site and they are quick and easy to use. Whenever we need to hurry and get a job done, these things can be super helpful. Completing certain projects would be nearly impossible if I did not have a lot of these rebar wire ties available for my crew. The ones that we order are American made and they are available in different sizes and materials. The ones we use the most are black annealed double loop rebar ties. However, we can also use PVC coated double loop rebar ties, stainless steel double loop rebar ties, and galvanized double loop rebar ties. I like the way that they are available in many different lengths. These things are really great for using in any type of project and in any type of weather. They’re weather resistant and they last forever. We use them on our toughest jobs and have faith that they will always hold up.
16 gauge galvanized wire ties