Using rebar tie wire in my greenhouse as plant support stakes

While I now have an extensive greenhouse in my backyard for all of my plants, it all started with a single tomato plant.

I was so excited about my first tomato harvest that I was eager to do it again the following year.

As my garden grew, so did my aspirations and goals with my plants and how many I was expecting to have at any given moment in my backyard. I bought a sage plant, two bean plants, and various perennial flowers to grow next, and slowly the garden evolved from there. Since I don’t have many other hobbies, I poured all of my additional money and time into caring for my garden. And within just a few years, I had the money saved to get a greenhouse to put my plants in so they could survive through the harsh winter season here without forcing me to move pots into my garage and crowding what is already a small space. Having a greenhouse is amazing if you have a green thumb like I do, but I wouldn’t tell anyone to get one unless they had enough money to spend on a greenhouse without making other sacrifices. I don’t sell me plants so I can’t justify it as a business expense. I try to get most of my supplies as scraps, like the plant support stakes I made out of rebar tie wire rods. Someone left them at a job site after finishing a construction project and I grabbed the black steel rebar before it was thrown in the garbage. These black steel rebar rods are perfect as plant support stakes.

16 gauge double loop ties