We have to tie a lot of rebar at work

It just always depends on the job that we are doing

I am an ironworker and so tying rebar is something that comes naturally to me. I have been doing it for years now and so it’s like second nature to me at this point. I do it all day just about every day. I work with concrete on different construction sites and the crew and I work really hard most of the time. It’s really a great job and usually I really enjoy myself. My crew is great to work with and we have a lot of fun together whenever we are working. I like the way the jobs always come together and when we finish tying the rebar with 16 gauge double loop rebar ties, the foundation gets laid. I love seeing a job come together and after we tie rebar with these 16 gauge double loop rebar ties, we always know that the foundation is going to be sturdy and strong. As an ironworker, I end up using thousands of these American made double loop wire ties to do my job. We use 16 gauge double loop rebar ties on a general basis, but once in a while we end up using a different size or a different length. It just always depends on the job that we are doing. The last job that we did, we ended up using 14 gauge double loop rebar ties instead of the 16 gauge ones, but they were all certified domestic and they were made in the USA. I never knew that I would have to use so many of these things in my career as an ironworker back when I first started.


16g galvanized double loop ties