We use 16 gauge double loop rebar ties at work

The crew that I work with at the construction company uses a ton of these things called 16 gauge double loop rebar ties.

We have to use so many of them that we order them literally by the thousands.

They come in bags of 5,000 or 2,500, but we go through them so fast that we always order them in multiples of 5,000. These 16 gauge double loop rebar ties are just one of those things that we can never afford to run out of because we use them all the time. Everyone uses them, and it’s not just the concrete guys. We use them for tying rebar when we are working with concrete, of course, but they are good for lots of other applications too. This same type and size of double loop ties are good for working with scaffolding and roofing jobs, too. With all of the work that we do with concrete and with scaffolding, I’m surprised that we don’t actually go through more of them than we do! The guys who work on the crew end up using thousands and thousands of 16 gauge double loop rebar ties and they all say that they can’t afford to work without them. A friend of mine told me that he even uses them to attach tomato vines to the cages out in his garden. I guess they are pretty versatile when it comes down to it! I know that some of the guys take them home for various projects, but I just keep on ordering more.

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