You can use these things for all kinds of stuff

You can use plastic coated double loop wire ties for all kinds of stuff.

Plastic coated double loop wire ties are durable and versatile and the material that they are made from allows them to be used for just about anything. I use plastic coated double loop wire ties for all kinds of things around here, from tying up my beans and tomato plants in the garden to attaching my camping lanterns around the campsite. I even use them to tie up my shopping bags from the grocery store. Anyway, the company that we order double loop wire ties from is great at shipping and at customer service. There are lots of materials and lengths available and the double loop wire ties are made in the USA and certified domestic. I think that this is important and so I am always happy to order from them. Some companies have to deal with governmental oversight when it comes to construction jobs and so it’s really important to have wire ties that are certified domestic. It’s not that way at my company but I still like to buy certified domestic items whenever possible. We do have a lot of construction projects going on lately and the plastic coated double loop wire ties that we use have been readily available for us, luckily. The company is helpful and they are always very accommodating. They will also do special jobs for us whenever we need them to, as long as their machinery can handle the project. That’s nice whenever you work in a job like this one.

14 gauge double loop ties